Why You Should Support Your Local Transit

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Why You Should Support Your Local Transit


Public transportation comes in many forms, it is known as a system that moves people from one area to another in efficient, affordable manner. Public transportation is an alternative to automobile travel and reduces unnecessary walking time. The transit system has transition a lot over the years now offering free amenities like public Wi-Fi, and encouraging physical activity amongst riders.

Benefits of Public Transportation

Did you know using the transit system can improve your health-by promoting at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity with a walk from your front door to the nearby transit stop?

Economic Benefits to the Community

Each dollar invested in public transportation can yield $4.00 in economic gains in your community. In addition riders can support their local businesses along the transit stops by stopping for a cup of coffee or snack.

Public Transportation Reduces Air Pollution

Less fuel burned means better air quality for Montgomery. By leaving the car at home, a person can save up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every day.

Improves Community Mobility

The transit systems help riders move throughout the city, regardless of the area they live in. Many individuals do not have the ability to drive or the means to afford a vehicle, so public transportation is sometimes the only option to help.

Public Transportation Improves Commuters safety

With public transportation you don’t have to worry about the driver multi-tasking behind the wheel. When a person is behind the wheel, they should only be doing one thing: and that’s driving. Most of our states have laws that have banned the use of cell phones while driving. With your M Transit driver he/she will be alert and you will be in the best hands. Knowing you will arrive at your destination safe and in one piece is the best benefit of riding The M Transit.



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