Say “NO” to high gas prices and take public transit

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Say “NO” to high gas prices and take public transit


As of March 2022, According to AAA Alabama statewide average was $4.04 a gallon and as of today its current average for regular is $4.65 with no relief in sight. This continued increase can be painful for consumers at the pumps. You’re probably asking yourself why gas prices are going up. Will the prices ever decrease?  It’s unclear how long high gas prices will stick around but we have to combat the high prices with a solution.

Gas prices increase for many factors

One reason for increase at the pumps is when the available supply of gasoline decreases relative to real or expected gasoline demand or consumption. Prices can also change if something disrupts crude oil supplies, refinery operations or gasoline pipeline deliverers.  As the consumer we just need an alternative to hopefully avoid choosing between paying a household bill and filling up for the week.

Defeating rising gas prices

Walking and biking is a healthy and safe way to outsmart the pumps. This is a pleasant mode of transportation you can take in the scenery and save your environment. Also there is a rise in electric scooter purchases which will also give your pockets less stress at the pumps.

The best alternative is to use public transportation.  Although it’s routine for gas to fluctuate, transit cost experience far fewer hikes. In other words $4.65 a gallon or fixed route $2.00, weekly pass $18.00, monthly pass $45.00 with The M. Depending on your vehicle it’s costing you over $100.00 month to fill up. Therefore the math is easy, say NO to the pump and yes to The M.

Although we don’t know when we will see a relief at the pumps we can say for sure The M will always be here for the community. Put some of that money back in your pockets by simply assessing Trip Planner Find Your Route today at


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