Montgomery Area Paratransit (MAP) is a transportation service provided to those who cannot, for physical or cognitive reasons, ride the City Bus system. MAP is avaliable the same hours as the Fixed Route Buses and provides service within a 3/4 mile corridor of fixed routes.

All Montgomery Transit buses have lifts and are accessible to people with disabilities. The Montgomery Area Paratransit program is for people age six (6) and older who are unable to use Montgomery Area Transit fixed route service.

MAP certification for temporary disabilities is available. For longer term disabilities, the maximum certification time is three years. You must maintain eligibility status to qualify for a ride.

Phone (334) 625-4691 for more information. 

Forms and Procedures

The links below take you to forms and documents necessary to qualify as a MAP passenger. These documents are stored in Adobe PDF format and require a reader to view. Click on the button below to download and install Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. When the reader is installed, you will be able to view the documents. The download is free.

1. The Guide to Paratransit Services: Explains how to request a trip and MAP procedures.

2. Registration Form: This form must be filled out. It can be completed by the applicant, a family member, a friend, or by the professional completing the Medical Information Form.

3.Medical Information Form: This form must be filled out. The physician (doctor) or social worker must sign this paper and explain the reason the person cannot use the MATS City buses.

Mail the Registration Form and the Medical Information Form to:

MAP Eligibility Dept.
2318 West Fairview Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36108

You cannot be approved to use MAP service until we have received a complete application.  Incomplete applications will delay your approval date.  Your complete application will be processed for approval promptly, but certainly within 21 calendar days.  You will receive a letter of approval by mail.  Forms are available in Braille and on audio upon request. If you have questions or need more information please call (334) 625-4691.

MAP Guide