Teach Your Child How To Use Public Transportation

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Teach Your Child How To Use Public Transportation

One of the first milestones toward independence many children reach is the ability to travel around the neighborhood alone.  This could mean walking to the corner store, biking to school or a friend’s house.  As they get older and more mature-you should encourage them to access public transportation and the benefits of using their local transit.

If your child is finally ready to take the next step, use the following tips to teach them how to use public transit safely and confidently!

First, practice with them.

Public transportation systems can be difficult when you’re navigating them for the first time by yourself. Ease your child into the process by going online explaining the fix routes to them and the cost of tickets, and safety when at the bus stop.

Then take a few trips to places they’re familiar with such as their school, a friend’s house, the library or mall. Go over how to read the map and schedule when on these trips. Once they’re comfortable allow them to lead the way on the next M Transit trip.

Second, find them a travel buddy.

Trips maybe easier with a travel buddy. If possible arrange for your child to ride public transportation with a friend, sibling, or neighbor. Traveling with a buddy or in a group will make them less vulnerable and more comfortable as they learn the transit system.  Plus, you’ll take comfort in knowing they’re with a friend and not in the city alone.

Third, create a backup plan.

Public transportation is safe for children to use by themselves, but there’s always a chance that they’ll encounter something unexpected. You and your child will feel more secure if they have an emergency plan for unexpected issues.

Go over different scenarios that could occur, such as a broken down bus, route change, or encountering a stranger, who makes them feel uncomfortable. Be sure they have the means to contact you if lost or unsure.

The M Transit, provides safe environments, new, and used buses that parents and their children can feel secure and in the best hands possible.

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