The M: micro transit

Montgomery’s on-demand ride share service, The M: micro transit! We are now serving the Montgomery Regional Airport, Downtown Montgomery area, Montgomery Whitewater, Maxwell AFB Visitor Center and Jackson Hospital.

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If you need additional assistance our friendly Call Center is here to help  334-625-4075 

Downtown Service Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is The M: micro transit different from regular the M Transit Service in the area?

A: The M: micro transit offers shorter wait times in the service area. This service is available for anyone to utilize for any local trips to work, shopping, appointments, the airport and connection to other transit options, and more within the designated zone area.

On-demand trips mean you can access service when you need it, instead of having to plan your trip around a bus route schedule.

Service is provided in a vehicle that will make short trips within the service zone area. Riders can’t hail an M: micro transit vehicle from the curb, like they would a bus. Trips must be scheduled from the app. Trips can be booked in real time. Customers must plan a separate bus trip to complete any trip outside the pilot zone.

Q: How do I know when a driver will pick me up?

A: Your ride booking will specify a time window of 10 minutes for pick-up. We advise you to reach your pick-up point 5 minutes before your pick-up window. As it gets closer to the time of your ride, we will send you an updated ETA. You will also receive a notification when your vehicle has arrived. Updates are sent via SMS and The M: micro transit app. Furthermore, you have the option to use the mobile app to track your vehicle’s location in real-time as it comes to pick you up.

Q: How long will the driver wait for me?

A: You will receive a notification when your vehicle has arrived to pick you up. As a courtesy to your co-riders, the driver will only wait for up to two (2) minutes. To stay on schedule, the vehicle will depart if you do not show up within the two (2) minutes waiting period.

Q: Can I change my pick-up location or destination?

A: You cannot change your existing ride-booking. However, you can cancel your ride and book a new ride that suits your pick-up location or destination.

Q: Will I be able to rate my trip?

A: Yes. At the end of a trip, mobile app customers will be invited to rate their ride and submit comments about The M: micro transit.

Q: How much does it cost for a ride?

A: At this time, The M: micro transit service has a promotional fare of $1.50/ride. The $1.50 will not include a transfer to our fixed route bus. Customers can pay using their credit/debit card or cash. (note: exact fare rate is required. The driver will not give change).

Q: How do I book in advance?

A: Choose a date or time in advance. Bookings can be made on-demand or up to 7 days in advance.
You have the option to book for multiple days with the same pick-up and drop-off schedule.

Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: Riders can also go to the M Transit website and click on MICRO TRANSIT which will take them directly to the micro transit site and they will be given directions from there on what site to go on to register for the service or by calling 334-625-4075, to schedule your trip through the M Micro Transit’s Call Center. The agent will be able to register you book your trip and give you a vehicle arrival time, along with confirming your pick-up and drop-off locations. Landline users must pay cash, call center operators do not take credit or debit card information over the phone.

Q: Do all The M: micro transit drivers have to have a background check?

A: As with all The M Transit employees, each must pass a background check and complete appropriate training.

Q: What if I am traveling with a service animal or pet?

A: Service animals are always welcome, as required by law. All other pets must be secured in an enclosed carrier to board The M: micro transit.

Q: Is this service meant to replace bus service?

A: The M: micro transit is a supplement to the existing bus system in the City of Montgomery and the service is meant to complement equity, reliability and efficiency improvements being implemented as part of the City of Montgomery’s Transportation Plan that was approved.

Q: How will I recognize my The M: micro transit ride?

A: The M: micro transit vehicles are executive style black vans and like the M Transit buses, have distinctive graphics. In addition, the app and SMS notifications will provide the vehicle number you are expecting as your ride approaches.  The drivers will be in proper The M Transit uniforms.

Q: What if I cancel or do not show for my ride?

A: When you book a ride with The M: micro transit you are making a commitment to the system and the driver as a schedule is created to accommodate your trip. If due to some reason you are not able to take the ride, we advise you to cancel as soon as possible. There are penalties for canceling or no-showing a high volume of rides in a short period of time.  No refunds are given for cancellations or no shows.

Q: How do I pay for a ride?

A: You can add a credit card to your The M: micro transit account and pay when you book your ride. Alternatively, you can select pay with cash when you board the vehicle. Note: Exact fare fee is required. The driver does not give change.

Q: I am eligible for reduced fare on The M Transit buses. How much do I pay for The M: micro transit?

A: At this time, all The M: micro transit customers pay the introductory discounted fare of $1.50 per ride.

Q: How do I cancel or change a scheduled ride?

A: A trip can be canceled with The M: micro transit app or by calling 334-625-4075. There are no refunds on canceled trips or no shows.

Q: Who will be my driver?

A: All The M: micro transit drivers are the M Transit employees. As with all the M Transit operators, all drivers are screened before they are hired and have received specialized safety training, including incident prevention.

Q: What is the M: micro transit’s policy for car seats?

A: Children must be in a child or booster seat up to the age on six. The M: micro transit follows the State of Alabama child restraint law. Click here for more information. Driver does not install car seat.

Q: What if I have comments, concerns, or questions about the M: micro transit?

A: You can send any comments, concerns or questions within the app. Alternatively you can call the M Transit at 334-625-4075 or email

Q: What are the current service areas for the M: micro transit?

A: The current zone area for micro transit is from the downtown area as far north as Pollard Street, east as Hall Street, south as High Street and west as Goldthwaite Street to the airport and vice versa. The service area also includes Montgomery Whitewater, Maxwell AFB visitor center and Jackson Hospital.