Why Paratransit Services Change Lives

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Why Paratransit Services Change Lives


Paratransit is a transportation service for those who are unable to ride the City Bus system for physical or cognitive reasons. As the demand for public transit grows, so does the need for services geared toward those needing specialized mobility assistance. There are many reasons paratransit services benefit the community, opening doors for those who may have given up hope of regaining their freedom and dignity.


Inclusivity For Everyone

Paratransit services allow those previously unable to utilize the benefits of public transit to take advantage of the service. It creates inclusivity for everyone, regardless of physical or cognitive abilities, bringing equality to their mobility options. Paratransit drivers are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges those with disabilities face, so they can provide them with limited assistance making the process easier and less stressful for the commuter.


Simplified Transportation

Unlike ride-sharing, paratransit services are simpler to use and more accessible for a wider range of disabled commuters. Routes are located near the traditional City Bus stops, so they are easy to find, making traveling around the city a more streamlined process.


Increased Quality Of Life

When those with disabilities and their families can utilize paratransit services, it provides a higher level of freedom, increasing their quality of life. It also saves a considerable amount of time and provides peace of mind so that they can trust transportation is available when they need it most.


Rediscovered Independence

Independence is an essential part of positive mental health. When paratransit services are available, everyone, regardless of their disability, can regain the independence they deserve.


The Montgomery Area Paratransit or MAP provides those ages six and up with disabilities the services they need to live mobile and independent lives. With transit services available during the same hours as the traditional Fixed Route Buses, paratransit stops are located within a 3/4 mile radius, making them easily accessible.


All Montgomery Transit buses are equipped with lifts for accessibility to those with disabilities, but the Paratransit program is an excellent option for those with more complicated medical conditions. Registering for the paratransit program is done online and requires medical documentation from a doctor or social worker. Certifications are available on a temporary or long-term basis, with a maximum of three years with a maintained eligibility status.


Once the application is submitted, it is processed for expedited approval, but in some cases, it can take up to twenty-one days to complete. The Montgomery Transit is proud to offer a state-of-the-art paratransit program that allows everyone to utilize the benefits public transit offers. We continually find ways to serve our community through programs that boost the economy, increase mobility, and provide local citizens with the transportation options they deserve.


At Montgomery Transit, it’s our goal to ensure every member of our community has access to affordable, clean, and reliable transportation. We believe that when more people use public transit, it benefits the community and the planet, which is why at Montgomery Transit, you can feel good about riding with us!


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