Why Should You Use the M Transit?

Whether you are going to work or visiting your friend in another city, using public transport is safer, easier and less stressful than driving. People have various options when choosing public transportation. The M Transit has made it easier than ever for people to ride buses. You can track the buses, use the automated trip planner or download the app to enjoy its countless amazing features. The M Transit is determined on providing the best travel experience to every passenger.

How it all started?

It all started in 1886 when the Capital City Railway Company began service in downtown Montgomery with America’s first city wide Electric Trolley system. It was soon known as The Lighting Route, but after fifteen years of service, it was replaced by the buses in 1936.  However, in 1980, it became operational again and is still operational today. Montgomery Area Transit System was bought by the City of Montgomery in 1974 who contracted the American Transit Corporation to run the system. 

The City of Montgomery formed a call-in reservation system, Demand and Response Transit (DART), in 1988 as an attempt to provide more effective service. However, it didn’t go as expected and it was concluded that the DART wasn’t serving the people of Montgomery effectively. In 2000, three new fixed routes were established on trial basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the new fixed routes. This new fixed route system proved to be a success and seeing its efficiency and effectiveness, the City of Montgomery approved six additional fixed routes. Today, the City of Montgomery owns the Montgomery Area Transit System and the First Transit Group operates it.

What Does the M Transit Offer?

The M transit offers fixed routes and paratransit services in the city of Montgomery Alabama. Thirty-four buses serve fourteen fixed routes. An average of 2000 daily trips take place via fixed route systems. 

On an average, the paratransit system averages around 140 daily trips and 43000 annual trips. The paratransit system has a fleet of 11 vehicles.

Why You Should Use the M Transit?

Automated Trip Planner

The Automated Trip Planner is an excellent feature the M Transit offers to its passengers. This feature will show you just which buses to take to get you there. All you have to do is, visit their website, and enter your starting location and your destination below to find your route.

Track Your Bus

The M Transit has made it very convenient for people to track their buses now. Just download the Transloc rider app and find out your bus’s location in real time. With the app, you can see when your bus is coming and even set an alert to remind you as it approaches. 

The M transit is one of the best transportation systems out there. Using public transport help local communities by reducing emissions in the environment. It is safer than driving a car, as you’re less likely to get into accidents. The best thing about using public transportation is that, besides saving the environment and traveling safer, you get to save money too. 

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