Transit Providing a Big Need in a Small City

Many usually associated the term “public transportation “with major cities. At least that’s the image that floats through my mind when you say public transportation. Instantly you conjure up images of subways or buses in New York or Chicago. The city of Montgomery may be small compared to Chicago or other major cities but The M provides an essential need to the community of travelers.

Small but essential

Living in a smaller city means your local stores and businesses will be within walking distance of each other. This could be difficult for some individuals to walk for these services or needs.  But what if you don’t have or can’t afford transportation?  How do we serve our local community of individuals with disabilities? Let’s not forget our many seniors in need of transportation to doctor’s appointments or just a visit to enjoy family. The M will and can provide all the transportation needs of Montgomery citizens. The M provides crucial services to countless passengers.

Contrary to what most believe, small-town transit can attract a fair number of customers. These services give choices to people who don’t drive. They can dine out, go to a movie, and it helps keep the community active.

Multiple Benefits of public transit

Public transit can improve community health:

Passengers can achieve the 30 minutes of daily physical activity recommended by just using public transit. 

Economic benefits to the community:

Businesses located near the bus stops will provide a place for commuters to shop and contribute back into the city’s economic growth.

Improves fuel efficiency:

Using public transit limits the number of vehicles on the road. By leaving your car at home, a person can save up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every day.

The M will help you navigate the city to meet your daily needs.

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