Grab a Book For The Ride

Sightseeing on your commute may be a great adventure, but if you’re from the city, these may be places you see daily. Grab a good book along your commute, and go on an adventure to a faraway place or another era. You have your favorite book on your shelf, bookmarked at chapter 5, waiting for you to finish. Grab a window seat on the M Transit, and read away! Get lost in your book and not your commute with The M.

Prepare on your commute

There are a few things more frustrating than being stuck in traffic. One is last-minute edits to a presentation or homework assignment. Start using your commute time more productively. Riding The M will allow you more time to get last-minute tasks done. You can utilize the time to help memorize your presentation during the morning commute. During your ride, listen to your recordings to help you commit them to memory.

3 Steps to make your commute productive

Every commute is different some commutes may be longer than others. For our longer distance commuters three steps to help you along the ride:

  1. Create a mental checklist

Start thinking about your workday during your commute, and select a number of goals you’d like to accomplish during the day. Review task you’re responsible for, and decide which are most important for you to focus on once you arrive.

  1. Prepare for your workday

Prepare yourself mentally for your workday.  

  1. Think about your day

As you’re commuting after work, use this time to reflect on your workday. Focus on the positive interactions you had during the day. This can be the big project you finally completed, talking with a new coworker, or recognition from your supervisor. Reflecting may help you feel proud of what you accomplished during the day, and prepare you for your commute for the next day on the M Transit.

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