Hygiene Tips When Using Public Transit

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Hygiene Tips When Using Public Transit


Thanks to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, more people have realized the importance of personal hygiene. From hand washing to covering your mouth correctly when sneezing, our eyes are now open to the harmful effects poor hygiene habits can cause. Being in a public space creates unique challenges to staying healthy since we are in contact with many people, all possibly carrying harmful viruses. This concern is especially true for public transit, where you are in close contact with others in a confined area. Although it can seem scary, there are ways to help safeguard yourself and ensure you stay happy and healthy when using public transit. There is no reason you can’t take full advantage of the amazing benefits public transit offers, using some of the hygiene tips below.


Wash or Sanitize Your Hands

Our hands come into contact with millions of bacteria daily, so ensuring you cleanse them properly can help you stay healthy. After touching a public space, be sure to use hand sanitizer to kill any lingering germs and wash your hands after using the restroom and when arriving at home. Correct handwashing techniques include using around a quarter size amount of soap and rubbing hands together to create ample suds for at least twenty seconds.


Avoid Close Contact With Those That Are Sick

If you see that someone is sick, it’s best to avoid coming into close contact with them. As always, The Montgomery Transit encourages anyone showing any signs of sickness to remain at home until they are well.


Avoid Touching Your Face

When you touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth, you directly transfer any germs, bacteria, or viruses on your hands into your body. By avoiding contact with these areas, you can help keep yourself healthy.


Cover Your Mouth

If you have to cough, be sure to do it into your elbow and not your hands, where you could pass germs to others. If you use a tissue, ensure you throw it away immediately. For more information on how to prevent illness, click here.


The Montgomery Transit takes the health of our passengers seriously and has taken increased measures to ensure the safety of everyone who rides with us. All of our drivers wear gloves while sanitizing and cleaning the interior of our buses while handling waste products like tissues and napkins. They also follow our stringent bus and equipment cleaning and sanitizing protocols to ensure all surfaces are disinfected correctly.


At The M, we are dedicated to providing you with a safe environment so that you can have peace of mind on your commute and travel with confidence. With our high-grade bleach solutions, we disinfect every surface that passengers contact, including furniture, lavatories, armrests, handrails, and environmental surfaces. We put the safety of our passengers and drivers first and never cut corners. When you choose The Montgomery Transit, you can rest assured you are in the best hands, so come on board and see The Montgomery Transit difference!


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