How Public Transit Can Save You Money

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How Public Transit Can Save You Money


As prices soar across the country, more and more people are seeking ways they can save money and make their paychecks stretch farther. Everything from groceries to gas is more expensive, so finding ways to cut back without losing your quality of life is the number one priority among millions of Americans. An excellent way to save a significant amount of money is by choosing to use public transit instead of taking your own vehicle.


Not only is it better for the environment, cutting down emissions and reducing the amount of oil and gas we consume, but it has a direct impact on the amount of money you have in your wallet every month. Americans across the country are discovering the significant savings public transit offers, so why not join them and see how much it can save for you too.


Save Money On Gas

The most obvious way public transit can save you money is on gas. You can save thousands every year by ditching your vehicle, which is life-changing for most people. In general, it costs around $70 to fill an average size gas tank. When you do that once a week, it costs you $280 a month and $3,400 a year. That is a lot of money to pour into driving around town. Think of all the things you could do with an extra $3,400 in your pocket, and that’s just the start!


Save Money On Vehicle Upkeep

Using your vehicle doesn’t only cost you when you fill up the tank; there are also other areas where you end up spending a ton of money. Insurance will set you back around $100 a month and $12000 a year, and that’s only for a basic plan. Vehicle maintenance is costly as well, with oil changes running around $45 every couple of months. Not to mention scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs, it quickly becomes easy to see why riders who choose public transit save around $10,000 every year simply by ditching their vehicle!


Save Money On Rent

When you know there are multiple public transit routes within the city; you have the freedom to choose an apartment or house that is farther away from the city center. The greater the distance, the lower the price (generally speaking, of course.) With the ability to get to work easily utilizing a public transit route, save money and go ahead and choose a home that is farther away and more affordable.


Save Money On Food

When you can use public transit to travel to the grocery store quickly, you eat out less, saving a large amount of money. Skip the takeout and choose to make your meals; not only is it cheaper, but it’s healthier too!


At Montgomery Transit, we understand how difficult it is to provide for yourself and your family. We’re dedicated to helping your dollar go farther by providing seventeen routes with fares starting at only $2.00, so you don’t have to give up what you love to afford your commute. So choose The M, and see how much money you can save!


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