How Public Transit Grows Communities

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How Public Transit Grows Communities


Public transit is one of the best ways to help a community grow and prosper. When citizens can utilize public transit, it opens up housing and job opportunities and increases public engagement. It also helps drive the economy forward, creating jobs and placing money back into local neighborhoods. There’s no doubt that public transit is an essential part of a thriving community and is vital to its growth.


Benefits The Economy

When people choose public transit, every dollar spent yields around a four-dollar gain. This return allows more money to enhance community projects, increase the workforce, improve infrastructure, and attract tourists. There are also added benefits to using public transit many people may not consider. As commuters walk to their stops, they often stop for breakfast, coffee, or the newspaper. These purchases help support local businesses and put revenue back into the neighborhood.


Provide Jobs

Did you know that public transit is so much more than providing access to transportation? It also has the power to create many jobs, increasing the economic state of entire communities. When a community invests in public transit systems, it can produce up to 20% more jobs without any additional costs. Studies show that introducing a public transit system into neighborhoods with high-unemployment rates can help create up to 2.5x more jobs. That is real-world results that change people’s lives!


Improve Mobility

It may seem obvious that public transit can help improve people’s ability to get from one place to another, but it goes deeper than that. Not only does public transit provide low-cost transportation, but services for the disabled like a paratransit system can also help open up the world for those with disabilities. A paratransit system provides those with physical and cognitive disabilities that are unable to use the traditional transit system a way to move around town easily so that they can go to the store, meet up with friends, go to the doctors, or anything else they want to do. When mobility increases, so does the quality of life.


Promote Socialization

Public transit is an excellent way to socialize with others that live in the same community, creating a tight-knit bond and sense of pride in the neighborhood. When people connect with their neighbors, they build a sense of identity, which strengthens communities and helps them thrive. This sense of pride and belonging seeps into every area resulting in lesser crime rates, reduced litter, and more appealing curb appeal, all of which work to improve a neighborhood.


There are so many ways that public transit can help to grow and strengthen communities, which is why it’s such a vital part of a thriving local economy. When communities invest in their citizens, the citizens are more driven to invest in themselves and their neighborhoods. That’s why Montgomery Transit provides affordable first-class public transit and paratransit services. With seventeen routes available, it’s easier than ever to see why everyone is talking about The M. So, step on board and see the Montgomery Transit difference.


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