Leading Ladies in Public Transit

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March is Women’s History Month! According to Sustainable Mobility, women make up the majority of public transit users both within the United States and internationally.

Not only are women avid users of the public transit system, but there have also been many women who have made significant contributions to the public transit system throughout history. Here are a few examples:

Mary Walton: In the late 1800s, Mary Walton was an inventor and engineer who patented a method for reducing noise and vibration in elevated trains. Her invention was adopted by many railroad companies and made train travel more comfortable for passengers.

Rosa Parks: While Rosa Parks is best known for her role in the civil rights movement, she also had a significant impact on public transit. In 1955, Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus to a white passenger, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott and eventually leading to the desegregation of public transportation.

Mary Wallace: Mary Wallace was the first female bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority. She started driving a bus in 1974 and became a role model for other women who wanted to work in transportation.

Beverly Scott: Beverly Scott is a transportation executive who has worked for several public transit agencies, including the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. She has been recognized for her work in improving public transportation systems and promoting diversity in the transportation industry.

These women and many others have made important contributions to the public transit system and helped to shape the way we think about transportation today. Even today, women are positively impacting the M Transit system, from drivers to administrative staff. We appreciate and recognize the women who have made an impact in the public transit system!

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