Transit Tips for Riding the M

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The M Transit prides itself on being a safe, fun, inclusive system for all! We want to encourage all people to utilize the public transit system in Montgomery. Whether you’re traveling to and from work, catching a ride to the grocery store or an appointment, or simply touring the city to view its rich history, the M Transit will get you to your desired destination with ease.

In order to keep the M a safe, inclusive, and innovative public transportation method for all, here are a few tips to follow when riding:

Be respectful of others

Keep your volume down and avoid making loud noises or playing music without headphones. Avoid using foul language or engaging in disruptive behavior.  Avoid invading other people’s personal space by standing too close to them or touching them without permission.

Offer your seat

Some routes are more popular than others and might have limited seating at times. If you are able-bodied, offer your seat to someone who is elderly, pregnant, or disabled.

Keep it clean

Help us keep the M Transit clean by taking your trash with you when you leave and avoid littering on the buses. Keep your belongings in your own space and avoid taking up extra seats with bags or other items.

Be aware of your surroundings

Pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of your fellow passengers. If you see someone in need, alert the bus driver. They are trained for emergencies and ready to help.

Be patient

The M is emerging as a premiere public transportation method in the capital city, and we are excited to see our ridership grow! As riders are loading and unloading on the bus, be patient and courteous to others, and try to avoid rushing or pushing your way through.

By following these tips, you can help make riding the M Transit an even more pleasant and comfortable experience for everyone. We look forward to taking you on a journey with the movement that’s going places!

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