How To Get The Most Out Of Public Transit

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Whether you’re planning on taking public transit for the first time or have used it for years, chances are you’re not getting the most out of your transportation experience. Every day Americans take 34 million trips on some form of public transportation, which equals over 9.9 billion rides per year! With so many people taking advantage of this incredible commuting option, you want to ensure you’re time on board is enjoyable and relaxing. These tips can help you get the most out of public transit.

Plan Your Trip

One of the best ways you can help avoid frustration with public transit is to plan your trip beforehand. Many transit systems offer services like “plan my route” and real-time apps that allow you to know beforehand which buses you should take and when they will reach their destination. 

Understand The Fares

Knowing what’s included in your ticket is essential to ensuring you not only get to your destination but can return back. Check carefully when purchasing to protect against accidentally buying a single-ride ticket instead of a round trip. If you live in an urban area or are visiting for multiple days, purchasing multi-day passes will not only save you money but provide peace of mind! 

Pay Attention

While one of the best aspects of riding public transit is your ability to relax and even take a quick nap, for those unfamiliar with the routes, it’s best to pay attention. If you’re feeling uncertain, you can track your bus using the real-time app and set up alerts that tell you when your destination is approaching. Once you’ve ridden a few times, you’ll be able to settle in and anticipate when you will depart, but for the first few rides, it may be best to stay alert and observant. 

Travel Lightly

Traveling lightly can help reduce the stress of trying to find a place to store all your baggage. If you’re going out for a day trip around town, consider leaving the oversized bags at home and sticking to a wallet or smaller alternative. For those who are shopping, try to pack as much into your bags as possible to avoid carrying too many. Generally speaking, the more simplistically you commute, the easier and more enjoyable it will be. 

Be Polite

Being polite and considering the feelings of others is one of the best ways to ensure a pleasant public transit experience. Considering those in your immediate surroundings will help you avoid confrontation and create a general cordial atmosphere. A few simple ways to achieve this are:

  • Don’t take up multiple seats
  • Use headphones when listening to music
  • Keep your voice low when speaking
  • Avoid eating overly smelly foods

Public transit is an excellent way for commuters to travel affordably and safely. At The M, we’re dedicated to providing our riders with a pleasurable experience. Our thirty-four bus fleet offers fourteen fixed daily routes, making it easier than ever to travel around Montgomery, Alabama. At The M, we get you where you need to go! 

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