Which age groups use public transportation?

Have you ever taken advantage of your time while riding The M and looked around at the other people riding the bus with you. It may look as if public transportation is used more by senior citizens, but this may not be the actual scenario. In most cases the age groups are adults ages 20 and up taking advantage of our public transit system. Age 20-24 utilize the transit system more than any age group. We also learned that as people get older, the percentage of them who travel using public transportation falls.

Decrease in seniors using public transportation may be due to limited access to the public transit system or having trouble navigating the transit routes. In addition, only a small amount of our retirees move after retirement age. Riding public transit can be beneficial to our senior group. Using public transit can reduce loneliness and lack of social engagement.

The likelihood of older adults living alone increases as they age, and research shows that if this age group stays engaged in activities they have better physical and mental health than those who are isolated and lonely. The M can help them get out in the community and stay connected to friends and relatives.  Our seniors will have easy access to shopping, and can engage in local community events.

The public transit system can play a crucial role in helping our seniors maintain their active lifestyle even if they are unable to drive. The M is safe, accessible, reliable, comfortable, clean, and the M care about all their riders. Our fares are affordable for our seniors. The M is the ideal public transportation system for older people

The M would like to be the number one choice for our seniors when using public transportation.

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