How Public Transit Is Saving The Planet

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How Public Transit Is Saving The Planet


Everyone knows that global warming is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Hundreds of years of pollution are beginning to affect how our planet regulates itself. We see stronger storms, hotter summers, and colder winters, which are all directly related to the increase in carbon gases we produce. Many people all over the country are taking notice and deciding to enact everyday steps to help positively impact the environment, garnering real change. If you want to do your part to make our one earth a healthier place that our grandkids and their grandkids can enjoy, using public transit is a simple yet impactful way you can help save the planet!


The Impacts Of Public Transit

When people think about using public transit, they often think about how it makes their lives easier and not how it impacts the environment. Many people choose to use public transportation for a variety of reasons, including ease of commute, a more stress-free way to travel, and a way to save thousands of dollars every year. Although all those reasons are wonderful (and true), there is another huge one that is often overlooked.


When you ride a bus instead of using a private vehicle, you are helping cut down on harmful emissions that pollute the air. One bus eliminates the need for 80 to 100 vehicles, which is a crazy amount! Think of the benefits that statistic brings to your daily life. There would be significantly less traffic if more people chose public transit, shortening commute times and clearing the roadway. The air would be easier to breathe with less exhaust clouding it, helping to relieve many allergies people suffer through.


It’s also shown that people who use public transit are significantly more active than those who use private vehicles. They take more steps throughout the day, which promotes a healthier lifestyle. When we are healthy, we make better choices, which can flow into other areas of our lives. When we feel good about ourselves, we have more drive to contribute to the world around us. Healthy choices may start with becoming more active, but they don’t stop there. Soon you’ll want to limit your plastic usage and recycle more. You’ll become more aware of how littering can negatively affect your neighborhood and become more proactive in beautifying your city.


A healthy lifestyle has to start somewhere, and for many, that is through the use of public transit. Just think of the impact we could have on the planet if everyone decided to make simple steps to help the world around them. You can be a world changer by making a change and using public transportation. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day; small steps become bigger ones, and their impact is felt for generations. With Montgomery Transit, we make it easy to impact the world for good, one smart choice at a time!


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