Get Fit with The M

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According to Statistica, exercising more is consistently one of the top New Year resolutions in America from year to year. If that’s a resolution on your list this year, you can get fit with the M!

If you’re a busy individual, as most people are, you might find it difficult to fit in the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day in between work, school, family, and other obligations. Many people stray away from their exercise routines because of the hustle and bustle of life, not realizing that exercise can help reduce stress levels, increase energy, and help you perform better in your daily life tasks.

While finding time to exercise can be challenging, riding the M Transit makes it easy! You can easily add walking into your daily routine as your exercise regimen when riding public transit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that many transit users even achieve the recommended 30 minutes of exercise solely from walking to and from their transit stops.

By walking to and from your M Transit stop, you’ll be able to add an exercise regimen into your daily routine seamlessly without taking time from your other obligations. You can reach your fitness goals without feeling the burden of having to go to the gym or exercise at home with other responsibilities looming.  It’s a win-win situation!

While walking might not seem like extensive exercise, a daily walk has several known health benefits. A regular walk can help you lose weight, reduce stress, improve endurance, increase your energy levels, improve your mood, and even strengthen your immune system. That’s a lot of benefits from a simple exercise!

Riding the M is a great way to jump start your fitness goals for 2023. Visit the M Transit website to find your route.

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