Public Transit And Inflation

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As the economy continues to suffer from ever-increasing inflation, Americans are feeling the stretch in every aspect of their lives. Gas prices continue to soar with no end in sight, making daily commutes more expensive than ever. Businesses are seeing some employees quit their jobs over their inability to afford the fuel needed to drive to and from work, exacerbating an already strained economic situation. With so many suffering, local governments are seeking solutions to help relieve the stress on their citizens, but many are limited by federal mandates and must explore creative solutions.

One of the best answers is public transit. Public transit offers residents the opportunity to continue their commute while reducing their daily costs, allowing them to continue working. The ripple effect of public transit on local communities is felt far and wide, proving to be a bright light toward financial and economic recovery.

The Ripple Effect

At first glance, public transit may seem like an affordable option to private vehicle usage, but its reach goes far deeper. Upon closer inspection, we can see how beneficial transit is to a community and why more cities are seeking to build their public transit systems.

Economic Growth

Public transit provides a unique opportunity for economic growth, and local governments are taking notice. In over 100 cities nationwide, mayors are investing in expanding their transit systems, a move expected to generate over 4.6 million jobs by 2030. As more jobs become available, it feeds more money back into the community, allowing for expansion and services to the citizens, which in turn drives growth. This growth leads us forward to public transits environmental impact.

Environmental Impact

As more people congregate together, air pollution increases. Private vehicles are one of the largest greenhouse contributors, leading to numerous health problems and negative environmental impacts. Utilizing public transit causes a 45% reduction in CO2 emissions, saving over 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually in the U.S. alone. When our air is cleaner, people experience fewer health problems, leading to a reduction in health care costs.

Health Care Expenditures

The health impacts of air pollution caused in part by private vehicle usage are astronomical, costing Americans over $820 billion annually. It is estimated that air pollution contributes to over 107,000 premature deaths every year in the United States, incurring a medical bill increase of over $2,500 for every American citizen. As cities continue to grow, these numbers will rise without countermeasures like public transit in place to help curb the environmental impact.

It’s clear to see how public transit can help combat the rising costs of inflation, which has a ripple effect on every area of Americans’ lives. The Montgomery Transit is dedicated to providing safe and affordable transportation to those in Montgomery, Alabama. Our fleet of over forty-five buses ensures our citizens have access to low-cost transportation options and fights the effects of harmful emissions polluting the air. With fourteen fixed routes, including paratransit options, we are here to help our community face inflation head-on. Join The Montgomery Transit as we resolve to empower our community and encourage our residents to thrive!

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