Private Cars vs Public Transport

Whether you’re a student, an employee, an entrepreneur or a senior citizen, transportation is crucial to carry out your everyday tasks. When it comes to commuting, we have two options. We can either use the public transport or go for our personal cars. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them in detail

Personal Cars

Buying your first car provides a sense of independence and serves as an important milestone in many people’s lives. 

  • Travel anywhere, any time

If you are a car owner, you can go anywhere and everywhere, even to the places where public transport is not available. You don’t have to schedule your transit according to the availability of the buses. You can travel any time you want. You just have to step outside your house and your car is waiting for you there. 

  • Use Shortcuts to Save Time

Being a car owner really pays off when you know your ways around the city. If you know all the shortcuts, you can save a lot of time if you navigate well. 


  • Privacy

Unlike public transportation, a personal car offers all the privacy you want. While many people don’t seem to have a problem with shared spaces, some may experience social anxiety, or sensory overload. 


  • Carry Luggage with Ease

It is a hassle to carry luggage in crowded buses because of the limited space available. However, if you have your own car, you can carry luggage with ease. 


  • Comfort and Ease

You must have noticed that most cars come with comfortable leather or suede seats, which makes the experience of traveling in a car much more comfortable and cozier than the experience of traveling in a bus. 


Public Transport

Whether you’re a struggling student, a non-ambulatory individual or a responsible citizen, chances are that you use public transport. Let’s look at why public transport is important not just for the passengers, but also for the environment. 

  • Saves Money

The first and foremost reason for using public transport is the amount of money you get to save. If you’re thinking that you might save a few hundred bucks at best by using public transport, you’re in for a surprise. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), an individual saves around $10,000 annually by switching from personal car to public transport.

  • Saves the Environment

Using personal cars emit harmful gases in the environment and increases your carbon footprint. Whereas, switching to public transport reduces the number of cars on the roads, thereby, reducing emission and protecting the environment. Public transport allows hundreds of passengers to travel using minimal resources. 

  • Creates Jobs

Public transportation also contributes to the economic development of the city. It creates hundreds of jobs for the locals which consequently boosts the economy. 

  • Saves Time

By using public transport, you can ensure that you’ll never get late for an important meeting because of traffic. Public transport has fixed routes and fixed schedules, which helps passengers save time.


While having your own car provides a more luxurious experience, it is more expensive and contributes to global warming and pollution. Public transport might not be as comfortable as a car, but the benefits discussed above certainly do outweigh the cons.

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