Class “C” Mechanic

Class “C” Mechanic – Starting Pay $24.00 per hour


This position is responsible for the Safe operating condition of all THE M vehicles. To ensure proper repair maintenance procedures are followed and perform these duties in a safe working environment. Repair THE M vehicles as may be required following manufactures guidelines and THE M policies.


  • Be able to make any and all repair of THE M vehicles.
  • Be able to perform repairs in a reasonable length of time.
  • Be able to work without the aid of supervision.
  • Be able to perform service on any THE M vehicles.
  • Have the ability to supervise other employees in the maintenance department as directed.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with supervision.
  • Repair vehicles accordingly to THE M policies and or manufactures guidelines.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Proper tracking of repairs, parts, and supplies for accountability.


  • Must posses a valid CDL “B” license with passenger and towing endorsement
  • Must not have any major violations on driving record in the past 2 years.
  • Must be able to perform duties of a Mechanic to include but not limited to lifting, bending, stooping, and any movements required to perform his or her duties.
  • Must be able to read and write clearly.
  • Must poses mechanics tools as needed with the exception of specialty tools.
  • ASE certified preferred.
  • High School diploma or equivalent or any combination of education and experience which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the position of “C” Mechanic.
  • Must be able to pass a physical and Drug/Alcohol screening exam.

Essential Job Functions

  • Repair any and all THE M vehicles as per manufacture specifications and under direction of THE M policies and supervision.
  • Have the ability to diagnose mechanical problems and issues to repair.
  • Have a general knowledge of computer operation.
  • See to proper repair of THE M vehicles to ensure proper amount for turn outs.
  • Effectively interact with supervision and management regarding any functions of the repair and shop procedures.
  • Maintain a professional approach to the duties assigned.
  • Maintain and follow a safe and secure working environment.
  • Follow all polices and procedures set forth by THE M.
  • Be able to seek out further guidance when repairing something that is unfamiliar.
  • Effectively interact with co workers to assist with training and instruction as needed.