Build Life Skills with The M

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Many experiences are designed to help you build character and gain the skills necessary for success in life. Life skills such as social skills, independence, and time management are crucial, especially in your adult life.

Did you know that riding public transit is an experience that can help you build those life skills? That’s right! Riding the M Transit will help you enhance your social skills as well as your level of independence and time management.

Social skills

According to, there are many benefits to building your social skills, such as being able to communicate your wants and needs clearly, having better relationships, being happier, and even increasing your chances to be considered for job opportunities. With nearly 2,000 riders taking the M Transit every day, you’ll have many opportunities to have conversations and build social skills. 


For teenagers and young adults, taking public transit can be a big step toward independence. Selecting the right route, getting to your stop on time to board the transit, and getting off at the right destination are characteristics that will build your independence and confidence with every ride.

Time management

Harvard Business Review divides successful time management into the mastering of three key skills: awareness, arrangement, and adaptation. You can hone in on all three areas by riding the M Transit! All transits run at certain times, so you’ll need to be aware of the transit schedule. Planning your ride involves arranging your schedule based on the time you need to get to your destination and the time the transit arrives to your starting point. You’ll also have to adapt your planning to the total projected ride time, keeping in mind potential traffic. With just one ride, you can enhance your time management skills in all three areas.

If you’re ready to build your life skills, plan your trip on the M Transit.

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